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Gita Wirjawan Graduate Fellowship for Emerging Leaders at Harvard University

JAKARTA – How many Indonesians get into Harvard every year? The number is small, almost no one at times, while Singapore and Malaysia send droves of students to the world’s No.1 university.

Indonesian entrepreneur Gita Wirjawan is concerned about the dismal numbers and took it upon himself to fix the problem. He endowed a scholarship under his name at the John F. Kennedy School of Government , to send the best and the brightest in Indonesia to Harvard. The school has a reputation for creating world leaders.

According to Gita, Indonesian students are not far off from their peers in neighboring countries. They just need a chance. For the current application, some 24 students sought to win the scholarship, said Derwin Pereira who is in-charge of the selection process.

Besides Harvard, Gita has also endowed scholarship programs elsewhere at home and abroad. “I believe it is time to help support the education of Indonesian students,” he said.

Source: Gatra No. 06, December 18-24, 2008