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Ancora Scholarship Ceremony in Taman Mini Indonesia

JAKARTA – PT Ancora International and Lambada, a non governmental organization, inaugurated a scholarship scheme for West Java on December 28, 2008.

The ceremony was attended by a string of high profile officials. They included Vice Governor of West Java, Dede Yusuf, Lambada Chairman Bob Sulaiman Effendi, and Director of PT Ancora International, Titus Dewanto. In addition, parents and officials from universities were also present at the event which featured an enchanting Sundanese dance performance.

The selection process has narrowed down the applicant pool to 69 from 1028 students. They come from all over the province which has a population of 42 million. The award for the best student went to Asep Cahyana from Sukabumi. He is the soon of a street vendor.

In his speech, Dede Yusuf said that each student should develop their talents to the fullest by being open to new ideas and working hard. Like in previous high-profile ceremonies, the audience was treated to a Sundanese dance show, this time led by prominent dance Mis Cicih.

Dede called on other groups in society to support scholarship initiatives. This would alleviate pressure on the government to disburse funds for education. He said:

“The government budget is very limited. We would be very grateful if there are others like Ancora who would like to help.” (Dedi/Ojik)

Source: Cakrabuana TV, December 31, 2008