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Public Seminar on Initiatives and Strategies Against Corruption

Awareness about how much corruption costs a country and ways to eradicate it have been one of the main focuses of Indonesian and global leaders in the past years. Sharing this vision, Ancora Foundation, in cooperation with Indonesia Setara and the Jakarta Post, hosts Paramadina Public Policy Institute’s seminar on “Curbing Corruption while Promoting Business and Economic Growth: Learning from the World’s Best Practices “. The seminar took place at Paramadina Postgraduate Campus, Energy Tower, 22th Floor, Sudirman Central Business District, Jakarta, on Wednesday, July 6, 2011.

The seminar featured Professor Robert Klitgaard as the keynote speaker, a former professor of public policy at Harvard University, USA, and a leading expert on anti-corruption and institutional reform. Professor Klitgaard currently serves as a Senior Advisor at Paramadina Public Policy Institute. He has written more than 8 books on corruption issues and advised more than 30 countries on corruption mitigation strategy.

Professor Klitgaard interacts with an audience member
Professor Klitgaard interacts with an audience member.

In this event, Prof. Klitgaard shared his experiences and strategies in many countries. “In these countries, efforts to curb corruption often create negative impact on business and economic growth, a general phenomenon known as J-curve. Luckily, this negative impact can be mitigated by certain strategies.”

The Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011, published by the World Economic Forum, indicates that while Indonesia has respectedly gained 10 places from the previous year, there are still some findings that may anchor down its GDP at around USD 2,300. One hypothesis for the cause is institutions, an area which Indonesia performs equally to countries with GDP lower than USD 1,000. Indonesia must take (and have taken) initiatives and strategies based on this diagnostic result as presented on the slides below.

The event also presented a panel discussion featuring Wijayanto, Managing Director of Paramadina University Public Policy Institute; Danang Widoyoko, Coordinator of Indonesia Corruption Watch; and Denny Indrayana, the Spokeperson of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. The discussion brought up national cases and studies that showcase findings in Indonesia, especially in the local government level. Wijayanto also shared best practices from regencies such as Yogyakarta and Solo, in their effort in mitigating corruption, in his titular presentation below.

Professor Klitgaard and Pak Wijayanto have generously allowed the slides on this page to be shared by acknowledging the sources.

The Ancora Foundation team with Wijayanto (second from the left) and Professor Klitgaard (second from the right)

The Ancora Foundation team with Wijayanto (second from the left) and Professor Klitgaard (second from the right).