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Gita Wirjawan at Studium Generale ITB

The 21st century requires people to innovate through original products. Innovative products will bring out more value-added goods and services, and finally, increasing the country’s standing internationally. Basically, ideas originated from Indonesia are competitive with the ideas that exist in world-class industrial centers such as in Cupertino, Silicon Valley, U.S.

Those are some of the remarks delivered by the Ancora Foundation Founder, Gita Wirjawan, in a public lecture entitled, “Technology, Democracy and Consumer Protection,” on April 29, 2013 in the West Hall of the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB).

Mr Wirjawan also said that innovation must be supported systematically by funding from two sectors, i.e. government and private. The support from the government, especially in increasing innovation through education, is indicated by allocating 20% of the national budget, or about 32 billion dollars to create qualified human resources.

The complete video of the lecture, posted on ITB’s official youtube account, can be viewed below.

Since 2008, Ancora Foundation, through its West Java Scholarship program, is also working with ITB to provide scholarships for students in any undergraduate degree program of study. Assisted students are academically achieving students with financial difficulties.