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Ancora Foundation and Levi Strauss Indonesia Join Forces to Improve Clean Water Access for School Children

(Jakarta, 19 May 2016) Today, Ancora Foundation and Levi Strauss Indonesia announced their collaboration to run the SahabatAir program, an initiative to expand access to clean water through the provision of rain water harvesting facilities and a water-conservation education program in schools. The program is being debuted at the SMPN 261 Public School in Muara Angke, Penjaringan, North Jakarta today.

To coincide with its annual global Community Day, Levi Strauss Indonesia employees are taking a day off work to actively participate in the SahabatAir program. They will help to build hand-washing stations at the school as well as organize a water conservation education program to provide nearly 700 students with a better understanding of effective water use, hygiene and sanitation. Earlier, 50 Levi Strauss employees participated in trainings by Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) in order to be effective trainers to the students.

“We are pleased to team up with Levi Strauss Indonesia on this initiative as we both share the same vision and mission of improving the lives of those in our communities. We are delighted to join forces to improve the clean water access for the school children and their community, by building rain water harvesting facilities in schools that lack clean water, whilst providing the students with education to preserve this precious resource. With this good start, we welcome more companies to join us in the journey of building a sustainable future.” said Gita Wirjawan, Founder of Ancora Foundation.

Daniel Sjogren, representative from Levi Strauss Indonesia, said, “This is the first collaboration between Ancora Foundation and Levi Strauss Indonesia. As a company, we have a long-standing tradition of giving back to the community, and with water being a critical resource for our business, the planet and people, one of our key focus areas for our sustainability actions is reducing our water impact and improving water quality. Through our partnership with Ancora Foundation, we are able to help our local community improve access to clean water so they can enjoy a better quality of life.”

Ancora Foundation is concentrating on providing clean water due to the alarmingly low quality of groundwater in Jakarta, with much of the water not meeting clean water standards. SMPN 261 is specifically chosen because it is located in North Jakarta which geographically sits on Jakarta Bay areas, and where sea water intrusion has caused ground water to become salty and highly contaminated. The availability of rain water harvesting as an alternate source of water will reduce the level of water-borne diseases caused by lack of sanitation and hygiene in schools.

To assist Ancora Foundation with the SahabatAir Program and its sustainability programs, Levi Strauss Indonesia is donating products that will be auctioned off with proceeds used to build rain water harvesting facilities for schools. An apparel industry leader in water conservation efforts, Levi Strauss & Co. is innovating around water reduction in denim manufacturing with its Water<Less™ process and the apparel industry’s first Water Recycle/Reuse Standard. Combined, these efforts have resulted in 1 billion liters of water saved in the manufacturing of LS&Co. products, including 30 million liters of fresh water saved through reuse or recycling. The Water<Less™ techniques have recently been made publicly available in an effort to encourage water conservation and create impactful change across the apparel industry.

And to enable more schools to be a part of the SahabatAir program, Ancora Foundation and Levi Strauss Indonesia invites the public to help raise funds by participating in jointly organized Levi’s® product auctions.

To participate in the auctions, people will register through the SahabatAir microsite. Then, at a specified time, bidding for Levi’s® products will open. The people who bid the highest during the auction will be declared the winners.

“This auction of Levi’s® products allows our consumers and the public to support Ancora Foundation in providing rain water harvesting facilities at schools. By participating in the auction program, the winners are not only helping others gain access to clean water, they get to wear a product which has sustainability built into every inch of fabric,” Daniel Sjogren added.