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Sekolah Rakyat Ancora

The Ancora Foundation is in partnership with the Indonesian Heritage Foundation to establish 1,000 community kindergartens called Sekolah Rakyat Ancora across Indonesia. It aims to provide access to preschool education to about 20,000 children a year.

The project was motivated by two principal considerations. Only a small percentage of Indonesian children have the privilege of attending kindergarten. The Department of Education estimates that only 2.13 million of the 12.23 million children, aged between four and six years old, get a preschool education in Indonesia. Kindergartens are non-existent in remote areas and in the smaller cities.

Secondly, studies have shown that early childhood years – between three to five years – are critical in shaping character and building a strong foundation for learning. Children who have attended preschool perform better academically, show greater creativity and have better social skills with the passage of time.